Hi #AusomeCommunity,


My name is Sofia Bianchi and I am the founder of www.weareausome.com. I created Ausome because growing up alongside a wonderful, talented, autistic older brother, I realized that society isn't so accomodating of autistic/non-neurotypical individuals, and I wanted to change that.


Ausome is a place for the autistic and neurodiverse to find a sense of community through their special interests and passions. In the future, we plan to offer a wide variety of online masterclasses run by autistic young adults who are excited to share their inner-worlds with others by teaching classes on their special interests, passions, and experiences. We will also offer workshops for parents of autistic youth so that they are prepared to accommodate their child through the obstacles they may face on their journeys.


Here at Ausome, we will always stress the importance of respecting autism for what it is: a developmental disorder which affects the neural pathways in the developing mind, allowing for a child to develop a unique variety of skills, challenges, and fascinating perspectives on the world. Through this platform, we hope to provide autistic people with jobs and a sense of community, all the while educating the public and shattering any existing ableist taboos of the past; false, fear-based assumptions based on systemic misconceptions and lack of research. Thankfully, society is moving beyond the ways of the past and welcoming a new era of accommodation, acceptance, and reverence for a once- unjustly marginalized group. Ausome proudly stands at the forefront of this change.

We are thrilled to welcome you to the #AusomeCommunity.


We are Ausome. So are you. 


Sofia Bianchi, Ausome's Founder and Creator